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Unlock the potential of young carers (with an emphasis on girls) to become social entrepreneurs
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It is estimated that there are more than 100 million carers in Europe today. This accounts for about one fifth of the entire European population. Part of them are young people, principally girls. According to the Erasmus KA2 (Youth) funded Care to Work project and EUROCARERS' statistics, young carers are faced with additional barriers to education, training and employment. At a critical point for Europe when youth unemployment continues to rise, IARS has put together a strategic partnership of Erasmus organisations to run Care to Entrepreneurship, a youth-led, transnational project that will develop, test and implement innovative practices in a much neglected area in the field of youth support. Social entrepreneurial competences, such as business and strategic planning will be the main pillar of the capacity building course curriculum which has been developed for the young potential entrepreneurs of C2E.


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Youth Advisory Board
As a user led organisation, IARS runs the Youth Advisory Group. YAB is a team of young volunteers aged 15 – 25 from different backgrounds and circumstances who are aware of the problems facing young people in today’s society and who are interested in an opportunity to do something positive about these issues. This body will be consulted at all stages of the project. This is an excellent opportunity for young people to get their voices heard and to address issues that are important for them. More about the Youth Advisory Board can be found here.


Women’s Advisory Board
The Women’s Advisory Board consists of users from our women-focused projects and meets monthly, enabling refugee, asylum-seeking and other marginalised groups of women to scrutinise our projects and take on a responsible role within the organisation. Currently alongside its advisory and scrutiny role the women are helping to develop an online training course for organisations who may be supporting refugee and asylum seeking women. This training aims to allow organisations that may come into contact with vulnerable women to understand how the past experiences and every day pressures of refugees and asylum seekers are impacting their lives and what are the most effective responses. More about the Women’s Advisory Board can be found here.


Care 2 Work
Care 2 Work (C2W) is a multi-year international programme ended in 2017. As far as research is concerned, at European level, there has been only one exploratory cross-country investigation on young carers that is rather old and limited in scope. The Care2Work project research contributed to this knowledge gap, but it did not focus on entrepreneurship. C2E will build on C2W's evidence base which in fact called for follow up research in this field. More about the project can be found here.